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13 July 2009 @ 08:56 pm
rp list.  
It's about time I do one of these.

Since the userinfo is always changing... here's a complete list of all my pups.

Willy Wonka - wonkaliciousone Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Mark Cohen - not_scripted RENT
Brad Majors - amajorhero RHPS/Shock Treatment
Phoenix - thephoenixsings Phantom of the Paradise
DG - herlifeisalie Tin Man
Mrs. Lovett - worstpiesever Sweeney Todd
Trillian - trillian_astra H2G2
Zaphod Beeblebrox - thebestbang H2G2
Kayako Saeki - inyourattic Ju-on/The Grudge
Swan - legendaryswan Phantom of the Paradise
Sgt. Deskjob - sgtdeskjob Hot Fuzz
Speed Racer - go_speed_go Speed Racer
Agent Ninety-Nine - hisninetynine Get Smart
Suzy Banyon - suzybanyon Suspiria
Shilo Wallace - sweeterthan16 REPO!
Amber Sweet - zydrateaddict REPO!
Nation McKinley - doctornation Shock Treatment
Pavi Largo - mygreatestface REPO!
Barbra - johnnysnotdead Night of the Living Dead
Montgomery Scott - thisisexciting Star Trek
Cha Young-goon - hellocyborg I'm a Cyborg But That's OK
Komori - thekomori Suicide Circle
Sang-hyun - vampireholyman Thirst
Dollface - youwerehome The Strangers
Little Rock - onlytwelve Zombieland
Amanda Young - losesthegame Saw
Harry Warden - harrywarden My Bloody Valentine
Wanda - countingstrands The Ghost Theatre
Sheila - ashsexual Army of Darkness
Anna Ivers - whatistarted The Uninvited
Dr. John Watson - hisdearwatson Sherlock Holmes
The Manager - fckincrazy Detroit Metal City
The White Queen - myvows Alice in Wonderland
Jessica Rabbit - whatawife Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Gideon Graves - thebigbadex Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Quorra - miracleiso TRON Legacy
Babydoll - weaponsyouneed Sucker Punch
Vera Gorski - howtosurvive Sucker Punch

Howard Moon - thejazzmaverick The Mighty Boosh
Bernard Black - drunkandshouty Black Books
Donna Noble - aintbothered Doctor Who
Rose Tyler - doomsday_girl Doctor Who
Honey Kisaragi - cutieandroid Cutie Honey THE LIVE
Belle - sexychampagne Secret Diary of a Call Girl
Agent Ninety-Nine - controlcutie99 Get Smart
Reckless Rick O'Brien - recklessrick Crystal Maze
Raymond - pocalypselocust Space Ghost: Coast 2 Coast
Gwen Cooper - worst1stdayever Torchwood
Willie Loomis - loonyloomis Dark Shadows
Dr. Girlfriend - yesibelonghere The Venture Brothers
WPC Annie Cartwright - wpcannie Life on Mars
Go Mi-nyu/"Go Mi-nam" - totallymytwin You're Beautiful
Todd Rivers - 1tracklover Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

Fiona Widdershins - triangleeyes A Series of Unfortunate Events
Count Olaf - ultimate_dad A Series of Unfortunate Events
Light Yagami - just1ceplanned Death Note
Eli - invitemein Let the Right One In
Rorschach - and_whisper_no Watchmen
Ramona Flowers - dabbled Scott Pilgrim

MISC. [other things, OCs, AUs, CRACK!!!!]
Kuchisake-onna - atashikirei Carved/Folklore/Crack
Ludwig von Siegfried - zis_is_gayos Get Smart/Crack
Japanese Michael Scott - 1bestboss1 The Office/SNL/Crack
Bloody Mary - themirrorcracks Halloween Horror Nights
Carmine - stealthybeaver REPO!/Crack
Mari Suzuki - geneticsongbird REPO!
DUKE - miraclepartyboy REPO!/Crack
Aiko Kimura - silentimport REPO!
Celia Wallace-Blake - robberprincess REPO!
Olivia Hewson - toogoodforthis REPO!
Shilo Wallace (age 7) - hislittlebug REPO!
Shilo Wallace (future!AU) - becominglikehim REPO!
Shilo Wallace (CRACK!) - thisismajormgz REPO!/Crack
Riff Raff - handyvamp The Rocky Horror Show (2009)
Captain EO - heretochange CAPTAIN EO!!!
Donna Noble (age 17) - justanearthgirl Doctor Who
Ashley J. Williams - smartemployee Evil Dead: The Musical
Ed - abitpartdemon Evil Dead: The Musical
Annie Knowby - annieknowby Evil Dead: The Musical
Masky - cheeeesecakes Marble Hornets/CRACK
Random Dent - girlinthetube Mostly Harmless/And Another Thing...
Wednesday Addams - beingpulled The Addams Family (musical & film)
Ringo Starr - fridgeoctopus Walk Hard
Sakuya Haibara - cursedface Fatal Frame 4
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