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31 October 2009 @ 04:38 pm
sam's scary-movie-thon 2009.  
Officially, my personal Halloween season starts with Halloween Horror Nights. As does my "scary-movie-viewing" for the year. If it's horror-related, I'll be watching it.

9/22 - HHN 19 Employee Preview!!
9/23 - Dracula: Dead and Loving It
First time I saw this in its entirety. Loved it. It's absolutely hysterical - and highly quotable. Renfield is my favorite.
9/24 - Bram Stoker's Dracula
Absolutely gorgeous film. Should be called Jonathan Harker's Bogus Journey. Must get on DVD. Stat.
9/24 - I Know What You Did Last Summer
This was one of my favorite movies in 4th grade. I can finally see how terribly cheesy and fun it is. Also - Freddie Prinze Jr. definitely attended the Keanu Reeves School of Acting.
9/25 - HHN 19!!
9/26 - HHN 19!!
9/29 - My Bloody Valentine 3D
Was strangely jumpy during this. Highly predictable - incredibly fun. Pickaxes are dead sexy.
9/29 - Valentine
Wow. Just - wow. When I was younger, I didn't think this film was terrible. Now... it's a completely different story. At least David Boreanez is there. Being sexy.
9/29 - Urban Legend
I still love how terribly bad this movie is.
9/30 - The Strangers
Absolutely terrifying. I loved it.
10/1 - HHN 19!!
10/2 - Zombieland
Absolutely loved it! Best zombie comedy you could ask for - next to Shaun.
10/4 - HHN 19!!
10/8 - HHN 19!!
10/9 - My Bloody Valentine
I love the 80s. So so much. ♥
10/9 - Trick r Treat
Seriously one of the best movies I've seen all year. Definitely recommend it!!
10/9 - Jennifer's Body
Much better than I thought it would be - highly enjoyable.
10/10 - Saw
Absolutely loved it. Such a well-crafted mystery. Glad I gave it a second shot.
10/10 - Saw II
A bit boring. Not as enjoyable as the first - definitely loved John and Amanda, though.
10/10 - Saw III
Really enjoyed it. It was intense. Stronger than the second. Bawww John. DD:
10/11 - My Bloody Valentine 3D
10/11 - Saw IV
Loved it! Very intense. Jill and John are my favorite.
10/11 - Saw V
Wasn't as good as IV, but I still enjoyed it for the most part.
10/11 - American Psycho
My brain just exploded.
10/12 - Drag Me to Hell
Absolutely hysterical! Very fun horror-comedy. Thank you, Sam Raimi, for not disappointing in the least bit.
10/13 - The Evil Dead
All aboard the Raimi train...
10/13 - The Evil Dead 2
Funniest shit ever. ♥
10/14 - Army of Darkness
This - is my BOOMSTICK. ♥
10/14 - Evil Dead: The Musical
My new most favorite thing ever.
10/15 - The Evil Dead 2
Had to watch it again. Just because.
10/15 - Evil Dead: The Musical
10/16 - Saw
I can watch it as many times as I want. Dammit.
10/17 - Drag Me to Hell
10/18 - HHN19!!
I did it for the lulz. DRAG ME TO FAIL. ♥
10/22 - Saw II
Liked it more the second time around.
10/22 - Evil Dead: The Musical
A religious experience.
10/23 - Re-Animator
Still one of my favorites!
10/23 - Saw III
More emotionally draining the second time around. ._.
10/23 - Paranormal Activity
Fucking terrible. Aside from the last 15 minutes or so. Don't waste your money/time/sanity.
10/25 - HHN19!!
10/27 - My Name Is Bruce
Fucking amazing.
10/27 - Saw VI
10/29 - The Evil Dead
Even funnier after watching the musical.
10/29 - The Evil Dead 2
10/30 - Re-Animator
10/31 - LAST NIGHT OF HHN19. D: